Lessons Learned from My Climb

One of the things I learned from really taking a look back at my memoir was that I learned how to capitalize on my leadership skills. All the experiences I had and the obstacles I had to overcome led me to know that I wanted to be a courageous leader. The type of leader who was wiling to take risks; the type of leader who was willing to step out and ask for the success that I had worked for and deserved.

Henry Drummond said, “Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can do”.

I choose to develop a strategy to lead. I wanted to do all that I could do. I had to be better than average, better than functional. The first strategy was personal development. I had to evaluate my education and experience. I knew that the success I wanted required that I get more education so I went back to school to get my degree. I capitalized on my experience by making sure to include all the skills I had learned over the years in my resume.

Next, I had to understand my leadership style. What kind of leader did I want to be? I had to ask myself if I could influence, motivate, inspire, or increase enthusiasm in others. These are the characteristics that I admired in leaders and these are the characteristics I wanted to display in my role as a leader.

Next, was to do an honest assessment of my abilities and goals. Where was I in this process? What goals haven’t I fulfilled? What or who was keeping me from achieving these goals? If it was me, then what did I need to do to move forward. I needed to be clear with what I wanted. I knew I might have to confront some uncomfortable truths along the way to get where I needed to be, but my success as a courageous leader was worth a little discomfort.

As a courageous leader, I needed to know that there was nothing that I couldn’t do.
I had to make sure I felt empowered to accomplish the goals I set. It was important not to put any limits on myself.

I wanted to be the one who also influences others to achieve goals
I wanted to be the kind of leader who leads by example
I wanted to rally as many people as possible to a better future
I wanted to be the kind of leader who inspires, motivates and increases
enthusiasm in others.

I also knew that it was important to be the kind of leader who
Has a passion for action
Remains focused on the goal
Helps others to succeed
Achieves personal excellence
Be willing to risk it all

I continued on because I didn’t want to be the person sitting around saying, “What if I had done this,” or “what if I had done that.” A life coach once said it is better to “fear regret more than you regret failure”.