The Safehouse

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As a reporter for a local newspaper, Angela Hollingsworth

worked with the FBI to bring down a New Jersey drug cartel known as The Organization. Angela moved from New Jersey to New York at the suggestion of the FBI to await the trial of the cartel.

The FBI hired a bodyguard to ensure Angela’s safety after she refused to move into a safe house. The bodyguard worked with Glen Spencer, Angela’s boyfriend, and FBI agent, to secure her safety. Glen is torn between trying to please Angela and her many wishes to live an everyday life while keeping her safe and following Agency rules.

Days of worrying about hiding from the cartel and nightmares drove her to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Counseling and assurances from Glen weren’t enough. Unbeknownst to her, people used her to get information to help the cartel.

The cartel made it known that Angela possessed something crucial for the trial. Glen is determined to find out what that is and to protect the woman he loves.

But is he enough?

Who can she count on to keep her safe?

Is it Glen Spencer, her boyfriend and FBI Agent?

Is it a safehouse staffed with U.S. Marshals?

Or does she need to find the courage within herself?

What lies ahead for Angela Hollingsworth as she continues her quest to make sure The Organization is held accountable for their crimes to society?