“Worth the Climb is a must read!” –  Beverly F. Jones, Columnist

Audrey J. Snyder’s latest endeavor, the book, “Worth the Climb” is a story of struggle, positive anger, loyalty, perseverance, ultimate success and much more. With pictures constructed from words, she takes you through the joys and ills of corporate America and how she found a way to know when she had attained her success.

As I read her memoir, written as a fictional story, I was catapulted back to the time when the incidents she relates occurred. Audrey related the story of Bank Manager and his discriminatory language and how she handled it in a professional, yet a defiant manner. As I read this passage, I was reminded of an incident where my integrity was challenged by a white male in a very competitive computer training class.

Audrey’s book took me to a time, hopefully in the past, where women were continually butting against the glass ceiling. Today women, of all races are able to lead by example and head many corporations as well as start their own enterprises without fear or barriers.

Every American of color will know and understand the story that Audrey has told. Yet this is a book that every person looking to succeed in life (personal and business) should read. It is not only a story but a roadmap to success.

“Worth the Read” – Gloria Hahn, Operations and Organizational Professional

I was given this book by a friend to read. After reading the book, I bought two books to pass on to other women who need encouraged and who will identify with the plight of this career woman. Regardless of race, this book will connect with all women in pursuit of the American dream.

“Loved your book!” – Madhu Wangu,Founder Mindful Writers Group, Pennwriters Inc.

Couldn’t wait to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your debut book, Worth the Climb!

Reading it did not just “give me a peek into your heart” but revealed a determined, goal-oriented person with high ideals. Your writing is crisp and your ideals clear. You have logically put forth your life’s goal that unfortunately conflicted with other peoples concepts of equality and justice. Boulders were put on your way. In order to overcome them you constantly used your smarts. I was inspired by the way you struggled with your employers and teachers’ deep seated prejudices and blatant discrimination with your logical thinking, intelligent strategies, and with composure. Each chapter was a joy to read.

“Deep Insight” – Kathie Shoop, Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Worth the Climb is a must read for anyone in the business of hiring and for those who are tasked with working with others–in other words it’s for everyone. Snyder’s memoir reveals the layers of complication she experienced while working in a corporate setting. As she heeded her ambition and tackled increasingly greater responsibility at work, she found that her skin color put her into a “category” unrelated to her ability to simply perform the work assigned to her. She found herself conflicted and at times hampered by the constraints that the label of “black woman” carried. For example, at one point she felt the heavy weight of representing black women by doing a great job while simultaneously having to “weed out” other African Americans from the applicant pool if “too many” were being hired. “Too many,” was a minuscule number in the case of the company that employed her.

The task of hiring employees and creating a dynamic, productive workplace may seem as though it’s an easy exercise in fairness, rooted in the types of lessons taught in kindergarten. However, as Snyder shows, race as it’s played out in the grown-up world of business, is not as simple as kindergarten lessons suggest. Throughout her career, Snyder’s attitude remained positive and constructive, and she was courageous in straddling the fence between wanting to be an exceptional, cooperative, valuable employee and addressing/changing the greater wrongs that played out right before her eyes. Snyder’s revelations are instructive and her work demonstrates the need for open dialogue with hers as an important voice in a necessary, complicated conversation.

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